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Current Courses

  • MIS 3502- Web Service Programming: I am learning how to use concepts of application integration to develop data driven software applications. Also how to design the system architecture for an n-tier application, learn how to integrate existing applications to produce new capabilities, and identify the technical and process issues of integrating a new application into the existing application structure. We also relate software components such as middleware (specifically, a REST API) to the overall information architecture and apply software components to create client and server-based applications.
  • MIS 3535- Lead Global Digital Projects: In this class I am exploring concepts related to process thinking & management and product management. I am applying knowledge of key principles related to technology-enabled business transformation and process-centric organizational change.

Past Courses

  • MIS 2101- Information Systems in Organizations:  This course introduced me to core concepts of management information systems. I learned to identify and analyze organizational systems and processes using techniques including conceptual diagramming, process decomposition, and data modeling.
  • MIS 2502- Data Analytics: This course provided a foundation for designing database systems and analyzing business data to enhance firm competitiveness. I am learning hands on how to use MySQL and R.
  • MIS 2402 – Data Centric Application Development: I learned and applied the basic principles common to all programming languages (e.g., variables, algebraic expressions, logical expressions, if/else statements, loops, functions, arrays, and objects) using JavaScript.
  • MIS 3406-Enterprise IT Architecture: I assessed information technology such as computer hardware, software, systems, and networking. Also identified management, usage, security, and consumer issues related to laptops, desktops, operating systems, servers, media, smartphones, gaming, cloud computing, and other new and evolving technologies.
  • MIS 3506- Digital Solutions Studio: I learned how to translate business needs into technology enabled solutions. I also learned how to interact with clients design solutions to the client’s problems.

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