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Information Technology Assistant

For this position, I was an Information Technology Assistant for MIS 2101: Information Systems in Organizations. During this semester, I attended classes to help students complete in-class activities regarding creating swim-lane diagrams, creating entity-relationship diagrams and eventually helping facilitate the students learning to code using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Due to the shift to online learning, I was not able to help in-person during the coding section of the course, so I held two hours per week of virtual office hours for my specific section of the course, I spent one hour per week working the virtual coding help desk which served all MIS 2101 students across courses, and provided constant email support to students. While working in this position, I was able to enhance my communication skills, as well as my technical skills in coding using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. These communication skills will serve me well in any future professional position. Additionally, my elevated coding skills will assist me as I take more advanced programming courses in the MIS major in upcoming semesters.


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