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Potential Career Paths for IT Auditors

In this webinar, I learned about many different fields that you can go into as an IT auditor, and specifically how the speakers arrived at where they are now in their careers (ex. starting in consulting at a Big 4 accounting firm, etc.). I also learned about the different certifications that IT auditors can get and how IT auditors often transition into other fields and get certifications such as the CPA and become CFOs or CIOs. They get to work with all different kinds of professionals within an organization and can move into various aspects of a company. It seems like a great opportunity for people to learn about how a company works and how financials are reported. This webinar is extremely related to my career goals. I am an Accounting and MIS double major, so this seems to be a career that could combine my two fields well and allow me to use all of my coursework to my advantage. After this seminar, I will definitely do more research into the field of IT audit.

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