Sean Dixon

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2021


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Over the first half of the webinar, a majority of the information was on the current state of data and how much it is continuing to grow each day. We’re at the point where data is increasing exponentially and a lot of it can be used to help businesses analyze what they are doing and how they should behave in the future. As a result the demand for data scientists has gone up. Not only that, but the capabilities of a data scientist also only increase as the amount of data does. The second half of the webinar then went over a lot of the skills you want to have going into data science. They focused on what skills seem to be marketable and can consistently land people jobs.

Although my career goal isn’t necessarily to be a data scientist, the information is still very useful for my career goals. Not only are a lot of the internships I am looking at rooted in data science, but almost any job in MIS will be strongly rooted in data, so knowing these things will prove useful in the future.

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