Sofia Spadotto

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2021


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Data Science

I took this MIS elective in order to gain experience using tools outside of Excel. In the Data Science course, I completed coursework using a variety of tools within Tableau, learned about cleaning data, and refined my data visualization skills.

One of my favorite projects in this course was creating a Twitter sentiment analysis program, which I used to determine the effects of a PR mishap by a popular clothing retailer.

For my final project, I collaborated with three of my classmates in order to determine how Slice Communications, a real marketing company, could maximize their email marketing engagement and conversion rates. This project can be accessed here.

Statistical Business Analytics

Statistics has been a subject I have enjoyed studying since high school. I have the opportunity to apply these concepts to real world problems, which has proven to be an enjoyable challenge.

In my stat courses at Temple University, I have received invaluable Excel experience, which provides me with foundations of data analytics. These Excel skills have especially come in handy for the NBCUniversal Data Analytics challenge. Having a strong knowledge of a fundamental data analytics tool will likely prove to be crucial in the further development of my analytics skills.

Human Resources Management

In HRM, I had the opportunity to study a variety of topics. Change management, a topic I had shown interest in during Temple Consulting Cub, was one of the units I found most interesting, and I continue to attend lectures on the subject. The most notable projects included a business investment proposal and an eight-page corporate analysis.


Professional Achievements

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