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Introducing RoomMe

The research is clear: who you room with at college matters. Now, more than ever, it is essential for colleges and universities to provide their students with every opportunity to connect with the roommates that will set them up for the most success at college. However, here at Temple, the roommate matching service that is offered to students is not enough.


The Problem


For one thing, the service is only offered to freshmen living on campus, leaving many students left out of the equation, including: upperclassmen, students living off-campus, and students coming mid-year. Because there is no roommate-matching service for these students, many are left stranded and dissatisfied.

The second problem is that the service is completely based on Facebook, with no reference to compatibility. Students just scroll through the page and look for someone who sticks out. This leads to roommates being mismatched – whic


h inevitably leads to roommate conflicts and negative roommate influences.

Finally, because it is not a direct Temple service, there is no way for Temple to access the data, and no way to gain insights about the process for students.


All of this leaves us with three main issues:


1. Negative impacts on the grades, mental health, and habits of students who have been mismatched

2. Cost to the University of dealing with roommate conflict

3. No opportunity for Temple to benefit from the app data



Enter RoomMe



RoomMe is a roommate matching service that helps students reach their academic potential by removing domestic headaches through more effective pairing. 


RoomMe is for all Temple students – not just freshmen.  It provides a more accurate matching service, enabling students to connect with the people that will help them reach their full academic potential. And, because its an app through Temple and for Temple, the University can benefit from the data garnered by the app.


We hope you are as excited about RoomMe as we are, and we invite you to explore our website to learn more.