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The research is clear: your roommate experience matters.

Facts about roomies:

  • For every full point a student’s GPA increases, their freshman roommate’s GPA increases by 0.11 point on average.
  • There is a 9% increase in likelihood that a person will be happy for each happy friend he or she has.
  • There is an 8.6% increase in likelihood of a student binge drinking when paired with a roommate who binge drinks.
  • According to Allison Ryan, Associate Professor of psychology at the University of Illinois, first year students, because they are learning to build their own identities, are especially “impressionable to a roommate’s sway.”
  • Studies show that male students with depressed roommates are more susceptible to depression themselves.
  • 25% of students report college roommate problems.
  • Research has show that bad relationships (conflicts) with roommates have been linked with dissatisfaction with school and a lower GPA.
  • A national study reported that roommate conflicts negatively impact the academic performance of college students more than alcohol.








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