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Social Media Intern

  1. ● Create all social media posts in the fashion instructed by GuttaPie
    ● Increase following through following back new accounts and interacting with followers
    ● Monitor and reply to direct messages as necessary
    ● Conduct periodic analytics reports for strategy synthesis
  2. Helped grow Instagram account of nearly 16K followers by approximately 2K followers via daily posts and interacting with followers in comments and replying to DMs
  3. One of the key and most important take-aways I have from working for GuttaPie would be the strong reliance brands of today tend to have on interacting with customers via social media and the positive impact that results. Daniel Gutter of GuttaPie gets to capture the mutual feelings between his followers and the love for his pizza craft, adding a personal touch that truly connects customers’ emotions with the product(pizza). This is a very important tactic for organizations to realize for retaining and keeping customers engaged via social media. It’s a brilliant and crucial tool for a business like GuttaPie, which cranks out some of the best pizzas in Philadelphia (and far beyond), and besides the loads of positive PR Daniel Gutter has attracted, social media (mainly Instagram) serves as the sole technology driving his customer base, bringing “foodies” from all corners of the US to try his pizza. Check him out on Instagram for yourself: @pizza_gutt
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