Thao Nguyen

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2020


MIS Badge

Official Professional Achievement badge awarded by the Department of Management Information Systems

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Target Case Competition 2019 – First Place

Prompt: Create a strategy that focuses on merchandising, localization, and guest excitement to drive sales and profitability through the Back to College season for Target. 

We came up with a 3-phase strategy that focuses on building awareness through marketing and partnerships, creating guest excitement by elevating the in-store experience, and sustaining guest engagement with a customizable subscription model.

Executive Summary

Powerpoint Presentation



The 6th Temple University NBC Universal Analytics Challenge – Participant

Prompt: Address the question “Why do pharmacies buy drugs from non-primary vendors?”  and determine the scope of drug leakage to AmerisourceBergen.

We looked at the financial impact of PVA pharmacies and drug leakage to ABDC, drug families that got leaked the most and their common attributes, causes of leakage and the likelihood of the drug families being leaked and proposed recommendations to AmerisourceBergen.



Target Case Competition 2018 – First Place

Prompt: Devise a business plan to promote Target’s gender-neutral initiatives.

Executive Summary

Powerpoint Presentation 


The 5th Temple University QVC Analytics Challenge – Third Place, Graphics Track

Prompt: Create an infographic on characteristics of modern smoking quitters and the supportive role of technology.

We analyzed behavioral attributes of 9000+ users of Quitter’s Circle – a quit-smoking mobile application; conducted research on smoking-related topics and technology preferences among the quitters’ community.



Professional Achievements

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