Thomas Norris

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2021


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Business Courses


HRM 1101: Leadership and Organizational Management

HRM 1101 was my first introduction to corporate structures and the interplay between departments and employees. Professor Kelly Grace explained a myriad of working systems, team methodologies and corporate/employee ideologies. This course taught me both how to develop and analyze a company culture, a crucial skill for seeking employment and potentially starting a business. Furthermore, the deeper understanding I gained about teams, groups, and the difference between them has been instrumental in my work with others at work and Temple.

MIS 2502: Data Analytics

Professor Shuting Wang’s MIS 2502 course provided me foundation database design and business computational analytics. It was in MIS 2502 that I first learned SQL and had the opportunity to design a database using structure I learned in my introductory MIS course. It was also in this class that I participated in my first college research project, analyzing trends and market opportunities in eSport viewership (the final graphic can be found here).

MIS 2402 Data-Centric Application Development

My favorite course at Temple so far, MIS 2402 with Professor Konstantin Bauman, furthered my knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript programming in order to develop/analyze web applications. Having already grown an interest in computer programming, MIS 2402 taught me an extensive amount of conceptual computer science and gave me the tools to further my own research in the subject. Since finishing the course I have continued to build my skills in JavaScript and expand my list of known programming languages.

RM 2101: Intro to Risk Management & Insurance

Professor Rob Drennan’s RM 2101 course pushed me to work harder at Temple and consistently employ critical thinking in life. While some tools of risk analysis were formulaic, many others were interpretive, requiring more deep thought and review from me than would be necessary otherwise. Trying to assess risk without the numbers right in front of me taught me how to efficiently search for unseen or overlooked data in pursuit of the most accurate assessment.



STAT 2103: Statistical Business Analysis

ACCT 2102: Managerial Accounting


Professional Achievements

    • Web API – Proof of conceptFall 2018

    • Machine LearningFall 2018

    • Data Science EthicsFall 2018

    • Other Career FairSpring 2019

    • AIS Speaker Series TrackSpring 2019

    • AIS Professional Development TrackSpring 2019

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