Vanessa Marin

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: August 2020


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Paula Vanessa Marin

Major: Management Information Systems

Cumulative: 3.07 • Major: 3.56

Graduation: May 2019

I am a recent transfer to the Fox School of Business – MIS program and am very excited to have joined a path that is so empowering and lucrative! With only three MIS major classes under my belt, I have gained so many skills, from a basic understanding of PHP and HTML to maneuvering the intricacies of networking. Majoring in MIS has opened my eyes to new ideas and has enlightened me to see technology in a whole new way. I have had the pleasure of learning from professors that empower the female MIS community like never before! I look forward to learning and developing my abilities in problem solving and monitoring the minutia while keeping in line with the bigger picture. I hope to learn skills that take me into the world of data analysis, as it is a big passion of mine! Data mining is a key interest as well. My goals are to have an innovative and educated mindset in which I can bring unique perspective to a business and produce dynamic results!

Professional Achievements

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