Alexander Reichart-Anderson

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2020


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About Me

I am a junior Finance and MIS double major at Temple University’s Fox School of Business and Management. I am also enrolled in the IT Auditing and Cyber Security (ITACS) 4+1 MS program.  At Temple I became involved with the Temple University Investment Association (TUIA), the TUIA Fox Fund, and the Temple University Men’s Club Rugby Team.  Through my networking and outreach I have become a apart of the Temple community and family.

To a potential employer I an ambitious, eager, and confident.

  • I am ambitious and willing to jump into new positions and roles in a company.
  • I am eager to learn professional practices, MIS and Finance specific content, and grow in a professional sphere.
  • I am confident that I will learn, adapt, and excel in any role I have.

Currently, I am looking to gain more experience in both the Finance and MIS concentrations that I am mastering at school.  Challenges that push me outside my comfort zone and require me to gain more knowledge are my niche.

I have 2-5-10 year goals.  My two year goal is to hold different positions that allow me to learn different roles in an organization.  My five year goal is to be apart of an organization where my ability to develop as a leader and move in to management is a priority.  My ten year goal is to be leading a team to benefit and influence businesses in America.

I am an Information Technology Assistant (ITA) at the Fox School of Business for the MIS 3504 Digital Design and Innovation Studio course for Spring 2019 and MIS 2101 Introduction to MIS course for Spring and Fall 2018.

I an a Junior Business Analyst with Continuing Education Systems of the Office of Non-Credit and Continuing Education at Temple University.

Professional Achievements

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