Information Systems in Organizations

MIS 2101.021 – Prof Latko– Summer 2 2017

Exam Thursday 4:40pm July 20th

  1. Exam 2  Thursday 4:40pm 50 minutes
  2. Bring a pencil
  3. You can leave after you are finished
  4. Max Lab 3AB is due on Sunday – use this time to finish the HW
  5. Exam Practice Answers
    1. D
    2. B
    3. E – Should be Have Raw Materials to Execute Production Plan
    4. A
    5. C
    6. A
    7. C
    8. D
    9. B
    10. A

Update July 13th

  1. Exam 1 Grades are Posted. If you have questions about your exam or want to go over it, please contact me to make an appointment.
  2. Learn IT #1 Grades are finalized, no more inquiries if you have not reached out in the past week.
  3. Max Lab 1 grades are posted. You have 1 week to send me any inquiries or questions related to your grade or submission. After 1 week, that grade becomes final.
  4. Max Lab 2 is due on Sunday. The rubric is posted.
  5. Exam # 2 is Thursday July 20th. We will not be holding class after the exam, you are free to leave and work on Max Lab 3 once finished.

Class Update 6/29

  1. Learn IT #1 is due Monday July 3rd – End of the Day. 
  2. Max Lab 0 is due Thursday July 6th: 
  3. Max Lab 1a and 1b is due July 9th
  4.  Exam on July 11th 

Bring Course Packet to first class!

Under Course Structure /Course Materials: There is a link to the Course Packet. As part of the first class, you must bring a copy of the Course Packet to class. We will use this course packet every class for credit.  The course packet is the only book you need to bring to class. 


For the first class please cover the material posted under the schedule for the first class:  Schedule

Welcome to MIS 2101 Summer 2

Welcome to MIS2101, Information Systems in Organizations. We will not be using Blackboard for this class. Instead we’ll be using this site which is hosted by Community.MIS.Temple.Edu. This site is built on WordPress, a world class open-source blogging tool. As part of completing the assignments in MIS2101 you will gain some experience with WordPress and other technologies.

Unlike most intro courses, this course has no required textbook. The traditional textbook has been replaced by a collection of readings and videos that are freely available over the Internet. Another way you will find this class very different than most classes you will take at any university is that this class is “activity based”. With this type of class there is far less traditional lecture. We will used the time that is freed up from lectures to complete in-class activities that help students develop a deeper and more genuine understanding of the material that is discussed during our class discussions.

On this site you will find all of the required course materials including the syllabus, links to the assigned readings, links to assigned videos, assignments and access to your grades for the course. In addition announcements will be made in class and/or on this site so it is important that you check this site regularly for announcements.