MIS 2101.021 – Prof Latko– Summer 2 2017

Update July 13th

  1. Exam 1 Grades are Posted. If you have questions about your exam or want to go over it, please contact me to make an appointment.
  2. Learn IT #1 Grades are finalized, no more inquiries if you have not reached out in the past week.
  3. Max Lab 1 grades are posted. You have 1 week to send me any inquiries or questions related to your grade or submission. After 1 week, that grade becomes final.
  4. Max Lab 2 is due on Sunday. The rubric is posted.
  5. Exam # 2 is Thursday July 20th. We will not be holding class after the exam, you are free to leave and work on Max Lab 3 once finished.

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