MIS 2101.021 – Prof Latko– Summer 2 2017

August 1st Update

Good Afternoon Class,
1. We will have our final class of new material this evening.  8/1
2. I will discuss the final which is set for Thursday 8/3 4:40pm. 
3. Grades:
Learnt IT 2 has been graded. Any questions related to Learn IT 2 Grade must be submitted by 5pm August 2nd.
Any questions related to grading in general my be sent to my by August 2nd end of the day. Once Thursday comes, all grades before the final are set. https://community.mis.temple.edu/gradebook/
All in class assignments have been accounted for at this time.  15 total were collected, I am counting the top 13.
4. The eSFF – student feedback forms are available online. Please take some time to provide some valuable feedback on the class. esff.temple.edu

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