MIS 2101.021 – Prof Latko– Summer 2 2017

Learn IT! #1

This is a two part assignment. In this part of the assignment you will set up a profile on the e-Portfolio site, create an e-Portfolio and configure Google Analytics to collect information about visitors visiting their site.

Learn IT! #1 – Digital Identity Management – Only Complete parts 1-4.

*** Remember, no late assignments will be accepted!


There are two submission requirements: 

  1.  Submit completed assignment file with your name in the file name from your Temple email account to this email address:     Learn_I.rxtnotiwn5n0wobd@u.box.com
  2. Make a comment at the bottom of this page posting:   Your Name & Website Address          
     Example:   Latko  https://community.mis.temple.edu/mis2101sec011sum17


RubricLearn IT! #1 – Evaluation Rubric Latko

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