Technology and Innovation in the Age of Information

Professor: Adam Alalouf

Best Class Reflection Journal: Betsy Swovick

I am sharing my favorite reflection journal for this class. This was completed by Betsy Swovick.

Thoughtful, in-depth analysis of course content. Your visual presentation is excellent; you chose images that support your content without overshadowing it, and you also created a distinctive personal brand with your choice of font and color (the pink is a win). The small details have a big impact. You also did a great job of combining readings under relevant theme umbrellas.

Well done, Betsy!

Swovick_Elisabeth_Reflection Journal

Welcome to MIS 5402 : Technology and Innovation in the Age of Information

Course Overview

Organizations that strategically select, manage, and deploy digital business models can prosper in the global economy. Students will use systems and business process thinking to create and analyze strategies for technology-enabled organizational and industrial transformation. They will propose innovative solutions to relevant and complex problems facing organizations in the present day.

We will not use Blackboard for this class. Instead we will use this site which is hosted by and is built on WordPress, a world class open-source blogging tool. This will serve as the main communication and information resource for the course. Please refer to it often throughout the semester.

Coursepack and required readings

Please buy and download the (printable) HBSP course pack noted in your syllabus.

Additional readings are posted on the course schedule.