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MIS Coursework


Enterprise IT Architecture – MIS 3406

This course focuses on building cloud-based network infrastructures for deploying applications securely at scale. Learning the concepts of cloud computing, using Node.js, and more.

UX Design – MIS 3506

This course focuses on understanding the science of user experience and designing experiences through projects.



Data Analytics – MIS 2502 

Learned the foundations of designing database systems and analyzing data using MySQL, Data Schemas, MongoDB, and R. This course taught me the fundamental aspects of data analysis in business, analyzing patterns and trends, and various data mining techniques.

Web Applicational Development – MIS 2402

Advanced my knowledge of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS in order to learn basic skills of programming languages. This class focused on teaching logical thinking, debugging tools, and building various applications while learning about Web APIs and useful programming tools.

Honors Information Systems in Organizations – MIS 2901

Learned the importance of information systems in organizations and the way in which they help facilitate customer relationships and efficiency.


Other Coursework


Legal Environment of Business – LGLS 1101 

Advanced my persuasive writing skills in an essay about a case and the possible legal action that could be taken. Used critical thinking to read, understand, and interpret the law in businesses and society.


Leadership and Organization Management – HRM 1101

Learned about the fundamental components of running a business and the components of a corporation’s management. Along with many various research assignments, I worked with 4 other people to create a business idea and discussed the implementation of the business with a partner company.


Honors Financial Accounting – ACCT 2901

Expanded my knowledge of financial accounting principles including GAAP procedures, financial statements, and SEC regulations. Worked on a final project examining the financial statements, assets, liabilities, and more about Mondelez by using 10-k reports from multiple years. Check out my project here.

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