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Business Technology Intern – Local Member

June 2020 – September 20

Business Technology Intern

At the start of Summer 2020, I began working for a startup called Local Member. I began with a preliminary pilot project as a Level 1 consultant and worked my way up to Level 3 in two months. My duties include creating website pages and posts using WordPress and researching new ideas that could be incorporated into the business and website. I have become very hands-on with the company’s new business ventures. I also ran my own project from start to finish and led a group of 3 other interns to create a directory from scratch. I work closely with other interns, am a part of more than three major projects and over a dozen smaller projects, and have been a dedicated employee since the very beginning.

I enjoy working at Local Member because of their mission and purpose. The startup began in March 2020 as a way to create a directory of local businesses in Philadelphia and provide a comprehensive site to help customers support small businesses during COVID-19. I am very passionate about getting involved in the Philadelphia community and am honored to have been apart of this project to support the city. I have learned so many valuable skills including project management, marketing, SEO, WordPress, and Google Analytics, and I have enjoyed working with my fellow interns who all attend Temple University as well.



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