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Learning Design Thinking: Lead Change in Your Organization

In this course about Design Thinking, I learned that Design Thinking is a mindset that is helping companies improve their performance through making their design processes human-experience centered. This includes using strategies such as making brainstorming physical so developers can interact with the process through prototypes or process maps. Also, working in a space that allows face to face collaboration and individual work.

Design thinking should also be lead by someone who can keep the long view at the forefront of the team’s mind. Also, someone will need to socialize the team’s idea with the business so that it can be delivered to the end user. When coming up with ideas, the team should start with data about their end user instead of guessing blindly. After finding themes in the data, the team should look for opportunities to relieve pain points or add value.

Overall, implementing the mindset of design thinking requires a culture shift throughout a company, so this course recommended that you find the people who have influence in your company to help you make the change.

This course related to my career goals because I am very passionate about innovation. This course gave practice advice of ways to shift your mindset in order to foster innovation in any company.

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