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Associate Project Manager, Optimize Consulting Group

Optimize Consulting Group is a student run subset of the Association for Information Systems (AIS) that offers pro bono consulting services to local non-profits. I’ve learned how to identify pain points in an organization while working with my team, construct a plan that aims to assuage these problems, and implement our solutions, providing the client with an updated and streamlined business process. Some of this experience includes:

  • Assist client with updating their donor donation process through comprehensive research of alternative database options
  • Provide client with a personalized instruction manual for how to leverage these new tools
  • Diagram the business process through swim-lane diagrams and presenting these problems and our tentative solutions to the client

Digital Consultant, Institute for Business and Information Technology (IBIT)

As a digital consultant, I assisted Philadelphia small businesses by digitizing their storefront, modifying their current digital storefront to increase eCommerce activity, and integrating their point of sale system with the customer inventory. View my certification for this project.

  • Assist the client with modifying and updating their website using Squarespace
  • Integrate the POS system with the clients’ in store inventory (Square)
  • Help client understand and optimize their SEO and Google Analytics

Information Technology Assistant (ITA)

As an ITA, I review submissions for assignments, attend classes to help students better understand JavaScript through In Class Activities and assignments, and coordinate with the instructor on student participation and understanding.

  • Review assignments where students learn the capabilities of Salesforce and CRM’s
  • Understand the capabilities of programming languages such as JavaScript, HTML, and CSS
  • Assist students with submissions and understanding material through holding office hours



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