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Current Related Courses Spring 2021:

-Cloud Architecture (MIS 3406)

In cloud architecture, I will learn how to construct cloud-based applications on Amazon Web Services, while also learning how to securely deploy and effectively scale these applications.

-User Experience Design (MIS 3506)

In user experience design, I will learn how to analyze, describe, and scope an effective user experience. I will learn key terms like affordance, signifiers, and the difference between slipping and mistakes.

Related Courses Fall 2020:

-Web Application Development(MIS 2402)

In web application development, I learned how to use web-based programming languages such as HTML, JavaScript and CSS. I learned how to leverage all 3 different languages to construct a comprehensive, well designed, and interactive website. I also learned how to query API’s using jQuery functions. This class has taught me that understanding and knowing how to build and develop intuitive websites are essential to workplace functionality.

-Data and Analytics(MIS 2502)

In this course, I have learned how to construct database schemas and relational databases. I also learned how to query data from Databases using MySQL Workbench and MongoDB. Constructing decision trees using R and R Studio, as well as association rule mining and clustering, all of which are intuitive ways to analyze data. This class has taught me that there continue to be new ways to analyze data and that knowing how to do so effectively can give your business the advantage.

Related Courses Spring 2020:

-Information Systems in Organizations (MIS 2101)

In this course, I learned how businesses leverage technology to improve business processes. I learned how companies use technologies like customer relationship management systems and enterprise resource systems to vastly improve their processes. I learned how to organize business processes through swim-lane diagrams and entity-relationship diagrams. Additionally, I learned how JavaScript, HTML, and CSS construct a webpage through coding practices. I work as an ITA for this course for the Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 semesters.

-Data Science (MIS 0855)

In this course, I had the opportunity to explore how data is utilized by organizations, as well as how data affects most business decisions. I learned how to clean and organize data using Microsoft Excel, display and create data visualizations through Tableau, and present my findings effectively using Piktochart. Check out my final project on comparing the 1996 Bulls and 2016 Warriors here.

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