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Data Analyst Intern

  1. My job function as a Data Analyst intern was to manage the organization’s CRM/AMS software. When I arrived as an intern, the whole database was in disarray, and as an intern, I was tasked to organize all the information either through creating/merging profiles or cleaning the email list serve.
  2. Certain projects that I accomplished were going through the past fiscal year and ensuring that all member and non-member information were up to date and imported correctly. Additionally, I created best practices for managing the database to distribute to the employees in the future in order to be able to properly manage the information. Lastly, I worked on cleaning the email list that was also mismanaged and ensuring that all individuals were receiving the proper notifications.
  3. The CRM/AMS software that I used called Weblink (now Atlas) utilizes SQL to receive and enter information into the database. I used that knowledge to create complex queries to pull important information useful to understanding the scope of the problem as well as simplifying certain processes. The whole internship revolved around using a database management system and that is heavily taught in the Data Analytics class/
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