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MIS Post Graduate Experiences in the Working World

Presented by former AIS President Justin Kish, this webinar focused on the post graduate experiences in the working world with a focus on the adaptation to COVID-19. Justin successfully communicated the struggles facing recent graduates in the constantly changing environment onset by the global pandemic. As a Temple Alum, Justin was very effective at speaking to students on a level that was highly relatable. Justin works in Philadelphia for Bentley, which focuses on Infrastructure, engineering software, and IT solutions. An important takeaway from this webinar included the term “SMAC” (Social, Mobile, Analytical, Cloud) which are the key areas recruiters are most excited about hiring.


I felt that this webinar was especially helpful and reassuring in this difficult and confusing times. Justin answered a lot of personal questions that I held surrounding the hiring behavior of companies during an online “work from home” environment. This webinar was especially helpful for students looking to branch out and create productive networking opportunities, as Justin offered all participants the opportunity to connected via LinkedIn. “You have to find your passion where everything slows down, or comes naturally”.



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