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Management Information Systems (MIS)

My business and information systems classes are preparing me for a future role as a digital leader in any industry by bridging the gap between the business and technological sides.My management/business classes provide me with a fundamental understanding of the various non-technical components that comprise any firm’s organizational structure. While also providing me with the necessary oratory and leadership skills.While my information system/technical classes have given me the ability to understand the technical side of a company’s operations. While also allowing me to handle munade technical issues that would normally be reserved for full technical experts. Increasing productivity by improving communication between the business and technical sides.

Management Coursework

  • Principles of Risk Management, Koslowski F

  • Microeconomics, Beccaris-Pescatore J

  • Macroeconomics, Beccaris-Pescatore J

  • Legal Environment of Business, Smith D

Information Systems Coursework

  • MIS 2102: Digital Systems, Jaclyn M. Hansberry

  • MIS 2502: Data & Analytics, Jeremy J. Shafer


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