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Druvakumar Valugubelly

I am a Senior pursuing a BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) in MIS (Management Information Systems) at Temple University’s Fox School of Business. I chose MIS as I was interested in the importance of both the technical and managerial sides of firms. Temple allows me to get a head start into different business-related fields with unique opportunities. By the end of 2022, my goal is to have solid foundations for my entry into the professional world. Using my experiences at Temple/Fox to advance further into my long-term goals of being in management.

I’m nearly done with all of my Business Administration classes right now. Providing me with in-depth knowledge of various roles within companies, such as development, accounting, and sales. At the same time, I began to taking MIS classes to gain the analytical and technical skills needed in today’s workplace. Since it prepares me for a variety of potential positions, including data analyst, systems analyst, and information security analyst, among others. Both type of classes prepare me to be a more well-rounded worker in the field, which will require a number of business roots.


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