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Three Selected Activities

Three Selected Pro Points Activities

  • The Digital Leader Fireside Chats
    • My favorite professional development activity as a MIS student is attending fireside chats, which allow me to hear from prominent executives from the world’s largest corporations on a variety of topics.The topics are particularly diverse, ranging from the impact of Covid-19 on work culture to consulting, Agile/DevOps, and so on.To be forward-thinking and ahead of the curve as a future digital leader, you must have a diverse and up-to-date understanding of various topics. I’ve learned a lot about the importance of workplace culture, disaster mitigation, technical nomenclature, and the like.As a result, these fireside chats highlight a fantastic opportunity for students to directly listen and communicate with experts who would normally not share with competitors.
  • 2020 OWL Hacks(Hackathon)
    • The OWL Hacks competition is the second activity that has had a positive impact on my future as a MIS professional. It was the first time I got to put what I’d been learning into practice. From developing simple applications to assisting non-technical business students and technical students in communicating with one another. Furthermore, it was a fantastic opportunity to network with the various professionals who were invited to the event.This opportunity provided me with a better understanding of what areas I struggle with and where I excel, allowing me an opportunity improve myself.
  • IT Career Fair
    • My first opportunity to speak with future potential employers was at the IT career fair. It enabled me to gain interview experience, which I had previously lacked, and to alleviate some of my previous concerns. Furthermore, I was able to use this time to educate myself on the skills that various companies were looking for in entry-level IT and business positions. These two events were significant because they touched on the two primary goals of a MIS professional. To begin, you must be able to communicate with both technical and non-technical professionals. Second, find out what their needs are.
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