Elisabeth Cripps

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: January 2021


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Welcome to my e-portfolio and thank you for visiting!

My name is Elisabeth Cripps and I am a junior Management Information Systems student. I transferred from Montgomery County Community College for the spring semester, and changed my major to MIS in fall 2018. I have budding interest in web development, design, and e-commerce. I am excited to grow my technical and soft skills during the upcoming year. As a professional, I am highly motivated, determined, time-conscious, creative, and decisive. I hope to become more involved with the community over the next few semesters. 

I have about a year of experience in retail, which is mostly customer service. I have learned how to handle customer concerns and answer inquiries. Additionally, I have experience working as a cashier, which is can be hectic and requires focus, attention to detail, and efficiency. Finally, I have about five years of experience running a small eBay business. As an eBay seller, I have learned how to handle online customer communications, inventory management, and shipping processes. 

Overall, I am excited to become more involved with the MIS community during my tenure at Fox School of Business.

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