Jack Granieri

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: May 2021


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*All of these classes listed are classes I took at Michigan State University, my original school. I have yet to complete a course at Temple University.*


CSE 101 – Computing Concepts and Competencies

Topics Covered

  • Data encryption
  • Data representation (Binary storage)
  • Advanced Excel practices
    • Excel formulas, Statistical functions, accounting functions, complex IF statements
    • Pivot Tabes, V and H Lookup, Macros, Conditional formatting
    • Data tables, scenario manager, random numbers and their use for creating data
  • Microsoft Access Introduction
    • Database architecture, building databases
    • Creating queries in Access (Boolean, prompts, multi-step, calculated fields)

Result : 4.0


ACC 201 – Principles of Financial Accounting

Topics Covered

  • Financial statements and journal entries
  • Market and profit book analysis, ratio analysis, EPS
  • COGS, inventory costing, depreciation methods, intangible assets
  • Bonds, amortization, and cash flows

Result : 4.0


HST 213 – US Business and Economic History

Topics Covered

  • History of US business since  the Civil War
  • Highlighted key powerful historical figures of the US economy
  • Birth of the consumer society
  • Great Depression economy
  • Keeping the consumer dissatisfied

Result : 3.5


GEO 204 – World Regional Geography

Topics Covered

  • Human and physical geography of every country in the world
  • Had to know location and key features (cities, rivers, mountains etc.) of country/regions
  • Changes in each region over the past 30 years due to climate change
  • Migration patterns and why people do it

Result : 4.0


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