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Introduction to Blockchain Architecture in Business

Today I attended the Blockchain Architecture in Business event with speaker Bob Hartley. He told us about his journey at IBM, and how he is currently working at Kaleido on their blockchain business cloud program. the event was sponsored by the new blockchain SPO (TUBC). The event consisted of a PowerPoint presentation led by Bob Hartley outlining the timeline of Kaleido as a company, I also learned about the origins of enterprise blockchain which was “born” in 2015 totaling 8 years of enterprise blockchain so far. I found the presentation very interesting, coming from the perspective of someone who did not know much about blockchain, it was very cool to learn about how blockchain digital currencies have started to become much more widely accepted than it used to be. Bob Hartley talked about how 10 years ago if he talked to banks about blockchain they would be uninterested as they saw it as too unstable. But now we are seeing much more institutions adapting the the capabilities of digital blockchain currencies.

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