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The cybercrime link from those behind the door (incarcerated) to those in the free world

Today I attended a webinar hosted by Dr. Tessa Cole, she is a very inspirational women who holds a PhD and has worked for the government in various roles involved with cyber crime and cyber security. I learned the difference between cyber-dependent crimes, which are crimes that require technology to commit the crime, and cyber enabled crimes, which are crimes that are able to happen because of the use of technology. I also learned that cyber criminals will uses different aliases to avoid being detected, similar to criminals in the real world. Dr. Cole highlighted how there are certain policies that are not in place to protect people from cyber crime, only giving people a misdemeanor instead of a felony for offenses like stealing someones bank information using technology. I also learned about how criminals don’t commonly have bank accounts, this is done so that they can hide their money, for example they use certain online platforms like Venmo but do not use Zel because Zel requires you to have a bank account. Dr. Cole also spoke about how drones are an institutional problem. She told us how only two brands of drones are detectable when they are flying and any other brand is able to fly in no-fly zones, and deliver contraband to criminals in prison. She even made the point of who is to say those drones won’t even drop off a gun to an incarcerated individual.

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