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Introduction to Problem Solving and Programming in Python (CIS 1051) – Spring 2021

In this course I was able to gain a strong foundation in programming through the python language. I was able to understanding and execute the process of designing a computer program. Through this class I also able to write testable programs along with being introduced to learning programs that will turn larger problems into much simpler ones.

Digital Systems (MIS 2101) – Fall 2021

In this course, I learned the role of information systems, digital platforms, and digital systems. To coincide with this I was able to understand component-based software through building simple software applications. Through this course I was able to build software applications and also learned the foundations of JavaScript coding.

Web Application Development (MIS 2402) – Spring 2022

In this course, I learned how to create web based applications that carry out the business process along with integrating the web-based services. I also continued my learning of JavaScript, learning loops, arrays, conditional statements, and much more.

Data and Analytics (MIS 2502) – Spring 2022

In this course, I learned how to navigate and query relational SQL & NoSQL databases in order to support applications. I also combined sources of data using data cleansing that includes extracting and transforming systems of data.

Cloud Architecture (MIS 3406) – Fall 2022

In this course I have learned how to design and build cloud-based network infrastructure for deploying applications. I was also able to create and deploy a simple RESTful API for consumption with fault-tolerance.

User Experience Design (MIS 3506) – Fall 2022

In this course I have learned how to describe, scope, and build a complete experience for users. I also was able to understand the role of useability and design principles and build pleasurable user interfaces that achieve human, social, organization, and business model goals.

Operations Management (MIS 3101) – Spring  2023

In this course I have learned how to examine activities necessary for the provision of the organization’s product or service. Also I was able to plan and schedule operations, allocation of resources, including staffing requirements and equipment decisions, inventory control and production planning, waiting line problems, and quality.

Lead Global Digital Projects Managment Information Systems (MIS 3535) – Fall 2023

Upon completion of this course I will learn how to lead, plan and manage global technology-enabled, process-centric information systems projects by focusing on initiating, planning, executing, controlling and closing projects in the context of topics such as integration, scope, timing, cost, quality, human resource, technology, communications, and risk and procurement. I will also learn how to explore the impact of the human element as it relates to the success and failure of information systems projects.

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