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Introduction to Problem Solving and Programming in Python (CIS 1051) – Spring 2021

In this course I was able to gain a strong foundation in programming through the python language. I was able to understanding and execute the process of designing a computer program. Through this class I also able to write testable programs along with being introduced to learning programs that will turn larger problems into much simpler ones.

Digital Systems (MIS 2101) – Fall 2021

In this course, I learned the role of information systems, digital platforms, and digital systems. To coincide with this I was able to understand component-based software through building simple software applications. Through this course I was able to build software applications and also learned the foundations of JavaScript coding.

Web Application Development (MIS 2402) – Spring 2022

In this course, I learned how to create web based applications that carry out the business process along with integrating the web-based services. I also continued my learning of JavaScript, learning loops, arrays, conditional statements, and much more.

Data and Analytics (MIS 2502) – Spring 2022

In this course, I learned how to navigate and query relational SQL & NoSQL databases in order to support applications. I also combined sources of data using data cleansing that includes extracting and transforming systems of data.

Cloud Architecture (MIS 3406) – Fall 2022

Upon completion of this course I will have learned how to design and build cloud-based network infrastructure for deploying applications. I will also be able to create and deploy a simple RESTful API for consumption with fault-tolerance.

User Experience Design (MIS 3506) – Fall 2022

Upon completion of this course I will have learned how to describe, scope, and build a complete experience for users. I will be ale to understand the role of useability and design principles and build pleasurable user interfaces that achieve human, social, organization, and business model goals.

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