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Topics in the Cloud

The two topics I decided to talk about were edge computing and cloud security. Edge computing is what it sounds like which is computing that occurs at the edge of corporate networks, with the edge being defined as the location where devices, such as smartphones, laptops, industrial robots, and sensors, can reach the rest of the network. Edge computing offers advantages because it allows companies to manage their physical assets to create new experiences for humans. We use this already, and we may not even know it from smaller things like speakers, watches, and smartphones to higher things like self-driving cars, robots, and even smart equipment data and automated retail. This is important since many instances of edge already happen in important places like hospitals, factories, and retail stores. In these cases, edge allows for business functions to be more proactive and adaptive which leads to new and optimized experiences for people. Edge becomes so exciting because of the potential to transform business across all its industries and every function. Edge has been used in many things like healthcare by being able to gather, process, and act with the needed edge to adapt to what the future may hold. The next topic I will talk about is cloud security and the importance of it. To safeguard virtualized IP, data, applications, services, and the related infrastructure of cloud computing, a wide range of rules, technologies, applications, and controls are used, together referred to as cloud security or cloud computing security. As companies move more towards digital environments or working more in the cloud, they need something to protect and address external and internal threats. Cloud Security is seen as important because with the change and vast transition to more cloud-based environments there must be a way to keep data and information safe. Not only have security threats becoming more advanced to stop but try to attack blind spots where an organization lacks visibility in their certain data access and movements. These two topics can relate to one another because with edge computing you are working with computing while running workloads on edge devices. With edge you can perfect devices on the internet and web applications by having the computer closer to where the data is coming from. Cloud security allows for the devices to be protected if the device takes the route to be in the cloud. Cloud Security takes away the possible threats that they might face and protects the sensitive information. During this semester we have seen how working in the cloud works and with the capabilities of being able to work in the cloud through AWS i can see how edge computing and Cloud Security relates. Through edge we are able to access local devices that are near and through cloud security it protect everything that we work on in the cloud.




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