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CIS 1051–Introduction to Problem solving and Programming in Python

Final Project — “Come get Fit”
Created a data collection that allows you to track calories that you log throughout the week. My project will consist of logging calories burnt in a day from the overall day. From there it will be able to process information like averages, and even the max and mins so far. The feature that I used is Microsoft Excel to be able to display the information on excel sheets. I was able to retrieve data from apple to get an idea but hopefully I can push myself to go deeper and explore about this on my own.

MIS 2402 — Web Application Development

Final Project — “Semester Long Project”
Through this project I managed to grab an API front he internet and from there I connected it to my page that I was working with a dynamic, web-based chart of API data. It is a dynamic chart because the data changed over time without any extra intervention from myself, but automatically did it.

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