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IT intern

Job function (e.g., overall role, assigned tasks)

  • I assisted Idemia’s IT department with daily tasks such as server maintenance and technology support with other departments throughout the company.


  • Most days included me spectating a co-worker and writing notes on tasks they would complete. This was so we ensured some sort of record of the completed task immediately, but also so I could learn from the things they were doing and eventually complete them myself.


  • I would also work independently on projects or tasks my manager assigned to me. The tasks varied as we entered each week and as my knowledge grew on the ins and outs of the company.

Examples of projects (e.g., list the projects you worked on and what you accomplished)

  • I was responsible for updating software for employee laptops and desktops. This involved either simply updating the device or, if a new device was needed, reclassifying the new device to that person, and transferring all programs and files to the new device. Ultimately, I had to make sure the device worked properly to the satisfaction of the employee in order for them to continue their work.


  • I was responsible for replacing old receiver desktops in the production department, which were essentially the desktops that were responsible for processing orders and keeping track of the number of cards being produced per machine. Once installed, I would set up the desktop so it could be easily used by employees working in production.

What you learned and how it relates to your major (e.g., describe what you learned from this experience in the context of specific courses)

  • Most of what I learned from this experience was the infrastructure side of IT. I learned a lot about how servers and firewalls work and all the steps a company takes in order to make sure important information is kept secure. I did learn new scripting shortcuts from co-workers in my department, but in general, the knowledge I gained was focused on how the technology at the company works and how to troubleshoot issues with that technology.
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