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A Whole New World

A New Fantastic Point of View

In the summer of 2019, I had the opportunity to intern at Dow (formerly known as The Dow Chemical Company) at their global headquarters in Midland, Michigan. I’ve lived in Pennsylvania my entire life, so to pick up everything and leave for three months was something I never expected to happen so suddenly. There are so many things I could talk about. My project this summer consisted of working on the Employee Experience Services team (EXS for short) for Productivity and Collaboration to create a high level automated dashboard that would provide actionable insights to the service managers. On the outside, one could hear the details of my internship and see it as one that was rather mundane, but I can assure that it has been the most enriching experience I’ve had in my twenty years of life as of writing this. From the people, to the culture, to the experience as a whole, I wouldn’t trade this summer for the world. Not only did I make lifelong friends, but lifelong memories that will forever be instilled in me. As an intern team, we flew to Texas to tour the plants in Freeport, participated in a week-long hack-a-thon dubbed as the “Createathon” to achieve greater sustainability for Dow, and we had an overall great time bonding and getting close. Whether it was outside of work watching movies, playing basketball, and eating, or at work assisting each other with our projects, networking with colleagues, or interacting with directors, we truly discovered the meaning behind Dow’s new mantra, “Seek Together”.


All we need now is a magic carpet.

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