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About Me

What do I like about MIS?

Management information systems combines technology and business in a way where technology can help make a business more efficient, more cohesive, and more advanced in comparison to competition that doesn’t utilize technology.  As of recent, I’ve found myself most interested in cyber-security as well as data analysis. As an avid NBA fan, I’m intrigued by the advanced statistics and trends that follow some of the best (and some of the worst) players in the league. I believe that the use of data analysis can help general managers and coaches create championship teams. Daryl Morey, general manager of the Houston Rockets, co-founded the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference and is obsessed with using data to his advantage. I believe that as much as data and technology can help create good basketball teams, it can make businesses even better.

What do I enjoy in my free time?

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with family and friends, regardless of the activity. Cooking is something I thoroughly enjoy and am actively experimenting with, as well as singing and learning new instruments. This upcoming semester, I hope to expand the breadth of my musical knowledge by taking piano and guitar courses. I can talk about games, from board games to video games to competitive sports (especially NBA and MMA or Boxing) for days. I also love getting to know people, so if you ever see me around, don’t hesitate to introduce yourself and tell me about your interests! I’m a big believer in giving back, so whenever I get the opportunity to help the local community by volunteering, I will. Big thank you to AIS for providing so many of these opportunities! In the future, I hope to travel and explore more of the West Coast, eventually making my way overseas to Europe, Asia, and anywhere else life takes me.

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