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In the summer of 2016, I was accepted to the IT Intern Program at AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals in Wilmington, Delaware. My roles during the internship included JR business analyst and solution engineer within the North America Commercial IT division with responsibilities of analyzing and mapping business needs to support technical solutions. I assisted on multiple projects. collaborating with my direct manager, a Solution Engineer within the MAP’s team. Additionally, I supported Project Fusion by facilitating data management and migrations between multiple applications utilizing SnapLogic. I also performed systems integration testing and user acceptance testing for Project Fusion using Model N and Revitas applications.

In addition to day-to-day support, I was responsible for two deliverables at the end of the internship. The first being to create a workflow with Nintex, a tool within SharePoint, to automate a lengthy approval process for account requests that needed to be approved by multiple levels. Second, I lead an intern team to analyze a project management application called Trello and created a proof of concept for Trello to see if it could be implemented to benefit AZ IT. The final deliverable was to take our findings and present them to the NA IT team, followed by our recommendation to implement or not to implement the application.

I gained valuable experience and made many connections during this internship.  I was approved to extend working at AstraZeneca past my internship end date in August to support Project Fusion’s launch date in January and I am planning to continue to work on other projects until graduation. I am also exploring full time opportunities after graduation.  Here were the major responsibilities during the IT Internship:

  • Assisted a Solutions Engineer in the North America Commercial IT (NA IT) team to analyze and map business needs into systems and technical solutions.
  • Lead an intern team project as the Business Analyst to evaluate a project management application tool called “Trello,” to see if the tool could be implemented in the organization and presented recommendations to the NA IT team.
  • Utilized SnapLogic to facilitate data management and migrations between multiple applications for Project Fusion.
  • Performed Systems Integration Testing and User Acceptance Testing for Project Fusion using Model N and Revitas applications.

Professional Achievements

    • Earning an industry recognized certificationFall 2018

    • Earning an industry recognized certificationFall 2018

    • Active TDAP memberSpring 2016

    • AIS professional development workshopSpring 2016, Spring 2016

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