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Diamond Peer Teacher

This spring, I had the privilege of working as a Diamond Peer Teacher for a MIS2502 class (Data and Analytics) at Temple. The Diamond Peer Teachers Program offers upper-division undergraduates the unique opportunity to teach college-level courses, enhance their pedagogical skills with the guidance of faculty mentors, and provide additional instruction for lower-level and GenEd classes.

As a Diamond Peer Teacher, my responsibilities encompassed various aspects of academic support and student engagement. I attended class and helped my professor manage the class, as well as held weekly office hours and study sessions to aid in student knowledge retention and understanding. Outside of the scheduled times, I made myself available to students through our online communication platform, where over the course of the semester, many students felt comfortable texting me with any questions or concerns they had. In addition, I met and coordinated with my faculty mentor to organize and implement effective course learning between students, and during those meetings, we would provide feedback when necessary for the week.

Overall, My experience as a Diamond Peer Teacher in the MIS2502 course has been invaluable in terms of expanding my knowledge and understanding of the subject matter. Through my active involvement in the course, I gained in-depth insights into various topics within the field. This hands-on experience not only deepened my comprehension but also helped me see where my career goals lie in the future relating to academia.

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