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Mobile Developer Intern

This fall I worked alongside many website developers to build a mobile-friendly website for users. As a mobile developer at SciQuel, I was assigned to be a front-end developer, where I worked mainly on the homepage and the menu, including what was necessary for the intended users of the site to see. The main project was to help with the mobile website, which I did as I coded the homepage and menu. Because of the team effort we had, the mobile team and I were able to successfully publish the mobile site. On this site, many viewers can read different articles relating to topics in science and technology with ease, building the gap in scientific literacy. The mobile site is user-friendly as it includes a colorful website, clickable links, and more. I utilized my skills in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS during this internship, building on those skills that I had learned in my web development class (MIS 2402). Not only that, I was able to see the development behind the mobile site from backend developers and helped build a complete user experience, relating back to what I learned in User Experience Design (MIS 3506).

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