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Facilities & Operations Intern at The School District of Philadelphia

The School District of Philadelphia is the eighth largest school district in the nation, by enrollment. Established in 1818, the school district includes all public schools in Philadelphia. In my position as the Facilities and Operations intern, I worked on many projects to help out with upper management. My main objective was to conduct the ordering, tracking, and reporting of oil deliveries during the winter for over 200 schools. I also provided support in the transition from paper based overtime tracking to an online database. Another project I did was approving work orders in The School Districts of Philadelphia’s MOJO system. During my time at the School District of Philadelphia, I worked a lot with excel spreadsheets, data, and the systems that the school district used. I am currently still the intern for The School District of Philadelphia and I am really enjoying the culture, working with upper management, and the flexibility they have with the combination of work and school.

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