Kurtis Stuart Konrad

Major: BBA MIS
Graduation: January 2019


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Kurtis Konrad

Major: Management Information Systems

Graduation: January 2018


I am Senior at Temple University majoring in Management Information Systems.  Northeast Philadelphia is where I was born and I still currently reside there.  I love the city of Philadelphia and went to Roman Catholic High School. I have always been a driven individual and have never been shy of trying new things. When I first joined an MSP someone told me that “nobody is an expert in every aspect of technology and people continue to learn here”. That excited me and I want to use my set of skills and continue to challenge myself to learn new technologies.

Throughout my experience in I.T, both at Center City Legal Reproductions and at PCS, I am confident that I can bring technology solutions along with the ability to communicate with the client during the process.  I currently work with both hardware and software.  I have troubleshot a plethora of issues, have worked with networking and databases, and am also familiar with coding. I work well with coworkers and enjoy speaking with clients..  I am good under pressure and quick to learn new applications.  I want to continue to learn new technologies and eventually divert my knowledge into a  business application. I want to learn as much as I can both in hardware and software, but my long term goal is certainly within Project Management where I can utilize my knowledge and communication skills to better a business.

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