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Completed MIS Courses: 

  • Information Systems in Organizations (MIS 2101)
    • In the MIS intro class, I learned to explain the role of information technology as a business enabler and identify and explain management information systems applications including customer relationship management systems, enterprise systems, e-commerce applications, transaction processing systems, business analytics, and emerging technologies. I especially enjoyed learning about CRM and enterprise systems.
  • Data Analytics (MIS 2502)
    • In Data Analytics, we learned coding languages such as R, SQL, and NoSQL. This course focused on analyzing, operating, and designing databases.  We learned how to query databases and utilize the data.
  • Data-Centric Application Development (MIS 2402)
    • Data-Centric Application Development is by far my favorite MIS course I have taken so far. I learned HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Class assignments included designing a kitchen conversion calculator and BMI table. I ended the semester by creating my very own Cat Fact Generator, which pulled cat facts from an API! I am excited to share my enthusiasm for coding as an ITA in the Fall.
  • Enterprise IT Architecture (MIS 3406)
    • In the Spring of 2020, I took Enterprise IT Architecture with Professor Schuff. I thoroughly enjoyed this class and the semester-long project. We built and deployed web-based APIs that connected to a SQL database containing tolls for the PA Turnpike. The project was split into four parts, all coinciding with what we were currently learning.
  • Digital Solutions Studio (MIS 3506)
    • While taking EITA, I also took Digital Solutions Studio. This is a studio-based course where we reviewed the overall usability of sites and then designed our own sites on WordPress. My partner and I had so much fun poking around on WordPress and our website turned out fantastic! We took feedback from our classmates and put it into action, working hard to improve and build the best website possible.

MIS Courses I am Currently Enrolled in:

  • Web Service Programming (MIS 3502)
    • In Fall 2020, I am enrolled in Web Service Programming. This course builds on 2402 and 3402, as we create and deploy a complete, end-to-end web application as well as a complex API. I am very excited to build on my coding knowledge!
  • Lead Global Digital Projects (MIS 3535)
    • In Fall 2020, I am also enrolled in Lead Global Digital Projects. This is a project management course, in which we lead, plan, and manage information systems projects. As I hope to one day go into consulting, this course really interests me!


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