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In Fall 2019, I had the opportunity to participate in the AIS Mentorship Program as a mentee. My mentor, Grace, and I met 3 times to discuss my involvement in AIS, progress in my internship search, and goals for the year. This program proved invaluable; Grace encouraged me to get involved in events, assisted me in revising my resume, and shared her experience in MIS with me. She told me about all the professors and shared tips for success in the courses I will be taking soon. Because of this positive experience, I hope to serve as a mentor next semester so that I may help someone in the way Grace helped me.

In Spring 2020, I had the honor of serving as a mentor for Myra. We met three times, with one being virtual, to discuss our career goals and how involvement in AIS can drive professional growth and opportunities. At our second meeting, Myra and I spoke about how both of us were struggling to find internships and were nervous about the Summer. By our third meeting, we’d both landed jobs! It was so exciting for both of us to have succeeded in our searches.

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