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Progress Report 6: Oct 21-27

From: Team Lucky 7 

To: MC Martin

Subject: Weekly Progress Report – October 27th

Period: October 21 – October 27

Actual Hours:  number of hours worked by the entire team in this period (list each member and their total hours)

  • Amy Nguyen:  6 hours
  • Nhi Nguyen:  6 hours
  • Jackson Randolph:  2.5 hours
  • Madison Collins: 5 hours

Hours to Date: number of hours worked by the entire team since the project started (list each member and their total hours)

  • Amy Nguyen: 22 hours
  • Nhi Nguyen:  24 hours
  • Jackson Randolph: 18 hours
  • Madison Collins: 21  hours

Accomplishments for the week ending October 27, 2019 

  1. Review the schedule, risk register, scorecard/criteria, stakeholder register, communication plan, and website with the professor. Make adjustments as necessary.
  2. Set up additional team meeting time to edit and finish deliverables
  3. Chose six possible PM tools
  4. Entered information for three PM tools into scorecard

Goals for the week ending November 1, 2019

  1. Finalize criteria and balanced scorecard
  2. Create Status Report
  3. Finalize Recommendation
  4. Finish Populating Website


1. Provide a brief explanation of any issues that you have which are having an impact on your project.

Website Bug: We are having issue with loading Google Calendar API on our website. It is a back-end dev error. We need to contact MIS Department for help and support.

2. If last week you had a goal that you planned to accomplish this week, but you failed to accomplish that goal, here would be a good place to explain why you didn’t achieve that goal. :N/A

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