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MCM Healthcare Project Description

The Current Problem:

A medium-sized healthcare company wants to expand their project management practice. They have not been able to meet target deadlines on past projects.  Their current PM’s are inexperienced with limited technical training.

Our Project: 

The project will identify the optimal PM tool that meets the company’s needs and requirements after researching and comparing available tools on the market. The final product should meet the requirements outlined by the sponsor regarding time, budget, and user experiences. 

Balanced Scorecard & Criteria

Our team has been tasked with helping MCM Healthcare in identifying the most suitable project management tools for their company.


The software must be able to support both agile and waterfall project management methodologies. In addition, since members of MCM Healthcare travel a lot, the software must also be hosted on the cloud. The tools should contain all functionalities necessary to support project management, team collaboration and, reporting. Most importantly, the chosen project management tool must help MCM Healthcare in achieving its ultimate goal: to deliver on time and within the budget projects to the client

Our Scorecard and Criteria: 

After careful research and analysis, our team came up with different criteria to compare project management tools. We also finalized the top three PM tools that we want to compare among one another: Scoro, Basecamp, and Huddle

Below are the balanced scorecard and details of our analysis:

[table id=2 /]

Criteria Explanation 

  • Cloud-based: The solution must be hosted on the cloud. 
  • Waterfall and Agile Support: The solution must support both Waterfall and Agile project management.
  • Project Management & Reporting. The solution will be evaluated based on the following considerations:
    • Task Management
    • Schedule and Timesheet
    • Budget and Budget Tracking
    • Risk Management
    • Change Management
    • Real-time Reporting and Dashboard
  • Communication and Collaboration. The solution will be evaluated based on the following considerations:
    • Document sharing ability
    • Scheduling ability
    • Team and Client Meeting
    • Chat/ Message
  • Functionality and UI. The solution will be evaluated based on the following considerations:
    • Build documentation
    • Save templates
    • Customizable & Personalization
    • Ease of Use

Our Recommendation

After careful consideration, we decided to recommend Scoro. It is a  cloud-based project management software that combines project management with time and team management. The software supports both waterfall and agile project management methodology. Below is a brief introductory video about this software. To learn more about the software:

Training Video – Scoro Project Management Software  

To view our training video on Scoro, please visit our Training Video page.

Scoro – Use Case 

We have created an account with Score to do a demo and showcase what special functionalities that the software has to offer the most effective workflow for our client MCM Healthcare. We decided to use Scoro to create our current Schedule Management Plan. Below is the video demonstrate a sample interactive schedule created by Scoro.

Additionally, we would like to attach several screenshots of the MCM Healthcare’s Schedule Management Plan that is made using this Scoro software.

Screenshot 1: Scoro’s Dashboard after user signs in

Screenshot 2: Scoro’s Projects Tab allows user to manage multiple projects at the same time


Screenshot 3: Scoro’s interactive Schedule Management Functionality


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