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Extra Curricular Activities

I am member and the VP of Social Events for the student professional organization, Associations of Information Systems. The organization is set up to give students the opportunity to interact with employers and recruiters looking to interest students in their company. Over the past few years I have had the pleasure of hearing many employers speak about their job title and their careers. This is a great model for those in the M.I.S major who are unsure of where they want it to take them after college. As part of the organization we have different positions to help run the organization more smoothly and get more people involved. For the 2012-2013 school year I have been elected VP of Social Events. This position entitles me to schedule social events outside of school to bring members, faculty and alumni together to interact and development a better perspective of their major.


Association of Information Systems IT Services 

I am a project manager for AIS’s IT Services web team. The objective of this team is to provide quality IT Services to clients while giving students the “Real World” business experience with “Real World” clients, project, and team  building situations. I work with a team of four other members to find companies looking to invest in a website at an affordable cost, work with them on what they want it to look like and how they want it to function and finally, design and create a website based off of their preferences. So far my team and I have finished one website for a client looking for a site he can post his interest on shoes and market them as well. The site is: This experience has given me hands on experience on not only how to develop and generate websites, but how to work in a group to collaborate with the client, discuss ideas and see the finished project in action.


Temple University’s Mentor-ship Program

For the past two years, I have been a mentor to a younger student who has yet to grasp the whole “college life”. I am responsible for showing the student the campus and give him/her hints or techniques they could use to be successful in college. This year, I am working through the Fox Business School with students interested in M.I.S and give them a more direct background on the major and the key courses and teachers to take to be successful.


Temple University Intramural Teams

I have participated in my schools flag football, softball and volleyball programs. These intramural teams are a great way to get active in sports through the school to play with your friends and get away from the pressure of school for a bit. 



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