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[youtube][/youtube]Last Thursday, April 26 I attended the 2012 AIS International Student Chapter competition in Provo, Utah where I placed first in my category The competition was open to all Association of Information Systems students in college campuses all across the country. It was derived of different categories such as mobile app create, risk management presentation, video competition, etc. My group and I chose to a participate in the video competition portion of the project where we had to create a video that informs people what Information Systems are. After submitting our video, we received results informing we have made it to the finals. The judges had minor remarks and changes that we needed to add or adjust in our video. At the competition we were to create another video with a random prompt given to us. The judging then will be based off the edited version of our first submission (based on informative, creativity, and professional presentation)and the new video we are to create. This project so far has given me a better insight on what information systems are more in depth then what I have been currently learning and also the experience working with video software.

I am also currently part of an IT Services team which is part of the AIS organization as well. I was one of the few selected among sixty other applicants applying for the position. This program provides quality IT services to companies who are looking to improve and integrate their company and website at an affordable cost. I created and gone live with one video for a graduate student who was looking to build a website for his sneaker collection. He likes to collect blog and sell sneakers which were the main bases of the website we had to create for him. I worked with a group of two other students to complete this website. Participating in this web design has helped me learn more about a different field within my major and the experience with coding and designs. The link to the website is where we have recently gone live and left over full power to our customer. We currently have three other projects lined up after seeing our completed work.

Finally, I have recently became the VP of Social Events in the AIS organization. The social events I will be planning will allow students of the organization to interact and socialize with other members. My first big event is happening on May 12, where I am hosting an end of the school BBQ for the members, faculty and alumni. I have recently been contacting local parks and venues in order to find a location for the event as well as looking up prices for food and beverages along with tables and chairs. I was selected for this position because I am well organized and very responsible and through doing this upcoming event I am gaining experience for the up and coming school year to plan more activities for the members.

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