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Sabre Holdings

In the summer of 2013, I worked as a Business Analysis intern at Sabre Holdings in South Lake, Texas. I was assigned multiple projects to work on and gained a lot of experience in the IT field as well as the airline industry. My main project I worked on this summer was to create a default test case template for the company to use that will be used to send to customers to test their purchased application. The template was created through excel and consisted of: a fully functional dashboard that updated when test cases were performed, specific sections breaking down the application by menu in order to sort the test cases by proper field. Once the template was created I generated over 350+ test cases for a recent customer that would be sent to them to test our company’s application. I also created a quiz template for the company to use through Qualtrics. The quiz will be used for new hires as well as for training purposes when the new application is presented and taught to the customer. I worked on other smaller assignments such as swim lane diagrams. Another great part about the internship was the Intern Business Case Study, where we formed teams and were given a summer long case study to be presented at the end of the summer. The case study was on Generation Y and how Sabre could incorprate the new era into their products and services. I felt it was a great experience, working with team members from all over the country as well as learning more about the up and coming generation in the business market. Finally, I met with all the executive members from both Sabre Holdings and Travelocity and learned about their career and the path they took to get there. I definitely enjoyed my time down in Texas, it was a huge jump for me and I am glad I did it!

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