Section 005, Instructor: Shana Pote

Assignment 2: Analyze a Data Set Using Tableau

Here is the assignment.

Here is the worksheet as a Word document to make it easy to fill in and submit (along with your Tableau file).

And here is the data file you will need to complete the assignment [In-Class Exercise 2.1 – 2015 Car Fuel Econ [Start].xlsx].

When your assignment is complete, you’re going to email both the Word doc (in .docx or .pdf format) AND the Tableau file to me at from your Temple email account. If your upload is successful, you’ll receive a confirmation receipt via email from the Temple OwlBox system. SAVE THIS RECEIPT! It is your proof that your submission was submitted, the name of the document, and the time/date of submission.

If you don’t receive a confirmation email, it likely means your submission was not successful. Try again, and contact me if you’re having recurrent issues.

Your assignment must be submitted by 5:30pm, October 5, 2017 to be on time.

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